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Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency

Our Goal

From its founding in 1971, the Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency has endeavored to train residents who will become truly exceptional family physicians and leaders in their communities. Since 2007, our innovative p4 curriculum has further supported this training:

  • Community-based program, affiliated with the University of Iowa College of Medicine
  • Emphasis on the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model of Care
  • Increased focus on ambulatory care
  • Patient care provided at a local Community Health Center
  • Team-based patient care
  • In-depth chronic disease management
  • Patient quality of care assessment and improvement

Our Mission

Our goals as a program are underscored by our mission: to train highly competent family physicians, to deliver patient-oriented care and to provide a stimulating environment for the continuing education of health-care professionals.

Goals and Objectives

 A Center for Academic Excellence in Family Medicine
  • Promote the teaching, scholarship and training of highly competent, compassionate family physicians, residents and medical students
  • Ensure quality training in all aspects of Family Medicine, including pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, adult medicine, preventive care and procedural skills
  • Optimize outpatient training and patient volumes
  • Provide a comprehensive, competency-based curriculum, with both block and longitudinal rotations
  • Deliver exceptional outpatient care at a Federally Qualified Health Center
  • Provide expert management on the inpatient and obstetrics teaching services
  • Attract and retain superb faculty with a passion for teaching and diverse areas of expertise
  • Give residents supervised experiences in scholarly activities and provide the educational resources to support those activities
Quality Care for a Diverse Patient Population
  • Afford residents and faculty alike the opportunity to serve patients in a Federally Qualified Health Center that also functions as the program’s continuity clinic
  • Offer patients, including both rural and urban underserved populations, access to quality health care which those patients might not otherwise have
  • Provide residents and faculty with their own panels of patients, encompassing newborns to elderly and including maternity care
  • Fully implement quality measurements and improvement metrics, the better to ensure and exceed accepted standards of care
  • Utilize medical informatics to its best advantage, in order to optimize patient care and resident training
Medicine Up-To-Date, Continuously Updated
  • Periodically evaluate, on a residency-wide basis, then implement, the best evidence for care
  • Enhance patient care and chronic disease management via the latest information technology
  • Educate residents in electronic searches for pertinent patient education materials and for patient care information
  • Provide residents with an easily accessible, online curriculum, with goals, objectives and resources spelled out for each rotation
ACGME Core Competencies, the Core of Resident Education
  • Integrate ACGME core competencies into every resident rotation
  • Implement appropriate assessment tools and objective competency metrics based on ACGME competencies
  • Ensure professional development with educational activities oriented toward ACGME competency goals
  • Provide residents with guided supervision and feedback, per ACGME rules and regulations
Faculty Formation, Development and Scholarship
  • Nurture early-career faculty formation via peer-mentoring and residency support, and by utilizing the resources of the University of Iowa College of Medicine
  • Provide necessary support for all faculty members to fully pursue avenues of education in their respective areas of expertise
  • Encourage faculty to participate in local, regional and national educational activities and to include residents in such pursuits
  • Promote faculty involvement in professional societies and community activities
Continuing Physician Professional Development
  • Provide a foundation for continued personal and professional growth
  • Foster lifelong learning skills and techniques for continual self-evaluation
  • Learn to work effectively as members or leaders of health care teams with a systems-based approach
  • Promote an understanding of ethical principles and emphasize the importance of adherence to such principles
A Focus on Ongoing Program Development
  • Continue the program’s innovative curriculum, with its focus on enhanced outpatient clinical training and its emphasis on the prevention and management of chronic diseases
  • Maintain certification as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home
Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation (CRMEF)

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