A Medical Informatics Curriculum for the 21st Century

A curriculum developed by the Faculty and Residents of CRMEF


Curriculum Development Published in Family Medicine, October, 2002   


EMR Experience Published in Medical Software Reviews, May/June 2002


Instructions:  Most files on this page are in Office 97 Format. 

File Types: 


 To Download the files, "right-click" on the link in your brower, and save the files to your local hard disk.

  1.  Welcome Page from the CD-ROM Version (contains copyright information, etc.)


  2.  Curriculum Outline (html)


  3.  Curriculum Outline (Word97 Format)


  4.  Boot Camp

    1.  Bootcamp.doc

    2.  Bootcamp.ppt


  5. Introduction to Informatics

    1.  Intro.doc

    2.  Informatics0.ppt


  6. Introduction to EBM

1.  Intro.doc

2.  Intro to EBM.ppt

VII.    Diagnostic Cases 

  1. 2003 Cases- even better- INTERACTIVE web pages!

  2. 2002 Cases-now done as Web Pages! This Powerpoint has the "answers".

  3. 2001 Cases (all of these are in .zip format)

  4. 2000 Cases            ""    

  5. 1999 Cases            ""    

  6. 1998 Cases            ""

VIII.   Therapy Cases (.zip format)

IX.    Screening (zip format)

X.     Cancer Screening EBM (.zip format)

XI.    Journal Club

1.  Triaging Journals .doc

2.  Triaging Journals .ppt

XII.   Uncertainty

1.  Uncertainty PowerPoints in .zip format (>4MB download!)

2.  Case of Murphy Hobson (.zip) 708k

XII.   Error (.zip)

XIII.  The Internet

1.  Internet .doc

2.  Internet .ppt

XIV.  Introduction to Patient Education

1.  Intro. Materials .doc

2.  Intro Pat Ed Materials .ppt

XV.   Doctor-Patient-Computer Relationship

D-P-C Relationship .doc

XVI.   Databases (.zip, includes sample Access Database for teaching)

XVII.  Adult Learning Principles (.zip)

XVIII.  Privacy (.zip)

XIX.   Informatics Inventory (Objective Examination, 50 questions) .doc

XX.   Needs Survey: Word and Access version of self-evaluation tool.

XXI.  EMR Criteria: (.doc) The scoring criteria (modified from the Institute of Medicine's criteria) and the "weights" we assigned to each function.  We used this scoring sheet to choose our electronic medical record.