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Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency

Why This Program?

When choosing which Family Medicine residency program to apply to and rank, there is a multitude of factors that applicants consider. For me, I desired to be in a community-based, unopposed program with well-rounded training including strong inpatient, outpatient, OB experience, and various procedures. CRMEF is a program that fit all these characteristics.

Truth is, though, I was initially drawn to this program after reading what a past medical student had to say about his experience during a rotation at CRMEF. This medical student had to call a faculty in the middle of the night during a night shift. He was understandably nervous, but the faculty answered the phone as a faculty should, in a friendly and helpful manner. This story can be found on the Director’s Welcome page. Yes, the medical student in this story was none other than our wonderful program director, Dr. Gordon. I thought to myself that this is the kind of place I wanted to train.

I discovered other aspects that I desired in a residency program through more research and the interviewing process. The community physicians here are very supportive of our residency and are excellent teachers. Our OB curriculum, taught by OB/GYN specialists and Family Medicine physicians, is so strong that it is one of the top OB curriculums in a Family Medicine residency, and it rivals that of some OB residencies. Our newly renovated clinic is a federally qualified health center which allows the residents to care for the underserved and many immigrants, as well as see a wide variety of pathology. Our graduates go on to fulfill their dream professions in outpatient clinic, inpatient hospital medicine, emergency medicine, as faculty, or go on to pursue fellowships in areas of interest including OB and Sports Medicine. The possibilities are endless.

By the end of my interview season, I realized that I would most likely receive an excellent education wherever I go. What led me to rank CRMEF as my top pick for a Family Medicine residency program was the people and the culture of the program. Now that I have joined the CRMEF family, I can honestly say that we really are a type of family. The residents and the faculty here are so kind, inviting, and always promoting our growth and education. We have developed a culture where the residents and faculty are colleagues as well as friends who raise each other up rather than push each other down. I know that I will cry when I graduate from this program, and that is the kind of program that I wanted to be a part of.

Erika Toyoda, MD

Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation (CRMEF)

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