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Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency

Curriculum Overview

Since its start in 1971, the Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency has been a leader in curricular development, most notably in such areas as Medical Informatics, Patient Education, Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Medicine.

Not surprisingly, we early on recognized the value of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) concept as a new paradigm for improving patient care, and we have made its tenets part of both our curriculum and our clinic environment. Indeed, the importance of the PCMH model is evident in every aspect of resident training here:

  • As the result of our participation in the p4 (Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice) project, we foster PCMH skills in the outpatient setting
  • Residents are organized into three teams, each functioning as a mini-practice within the residency
  • R2 and R3 years are together structured into thirteen 8-week non-rotational blocks
    • Within each block each team member spends two weeks fully immersed in an AOC, while other team members provide patient coverage
    • Remaining six weeks of each block are spent mostly in clinic, with 1-2 days per week on such longitudinal activities as population management and team message coverage
  • R1 year follows traditional block rotation format, with a focus on inpatient and OB rotations

This core curriculum also incorporates a fully-integrated longitudinal curriculum, one that ensures that residents receive ACGME-required exposure to behavioral medicine, geriatrics, pharmacology, practice management, chronic pain management, palliative medicine and end-of-life care over their three years of training. The result is a residency experience that better reflects the realities of private practice, giving residents the skills to provide true patient-centered medical care, even as the curriculum offers the flexibility to address individual career goals.

Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation (CRMEF)

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