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Cedar Rapids Family Medicine Residency

p4 Program

In 2007, our residency program was one of 14 nationwide chosen as a p4 program. Each program was selected with the intention of helping to redirect the training of family physicians, the better to make that training more attuned to the real-world practice of Family Medicine. For us, this was both an honor and a challenge.

CRMEF met that challenge by fulflilling its p4 commitment: increasing the amount of time residents spend in the outpatient clinic, while still meeting ACGME requirements, and allowing residents to further customize their curricula to best address their own future practice needs, from full-spectrum Family Medicine to outpatient-only practice, from hospital medicine to any choice of Family Medicine fellowships, including sports medicine, palliative care, obstetrics and geriatrics.

To this day, p4 lets us give you:

  • Increased focus on ambulatory care
  • Team-based patient care to mirror private practice
  • Extensive experience in chronic disease management
  • Focused rotation experiences to allow residents to direct training toward future fellowship or hospitalist careers
  • Ongoing patient quality of care assessment and improvement


Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation (CRMEF)

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